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"By the end of kindergarten, among 5-year-olds, “Montessori students proved to be significantly better prepared for elementary school in reading and math skills than the non-Montessori children,” according to researchers.  “They also tested better on “executive function,” the ability to adapt to changing and more complex problems, an indicator of future school and life success.” - Wall Street Journal


The Nido environment is a special place with many characteristics of the home. Children are met with warmth, love, and care and encouraged to explore in this safe and caring place.

The materials in the classroom are designed to aid coordination and grasping and low shelves to pull up on. The environment is rich with language, music and activity. The access to the outdoor environment facilitates the development of movement.

The guides in the Nido environment have the necessary patience, warmth and affection needed to care for young children. The children in the Nido classroom are guaranteed placement in our Toddler Program. Children transition at 24 months, or in accordance with their individual development.

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Imagine your two year old getting excited to help set the dinner table with you. We can help make that happen. Educational experiences early in life have the power to prime even very young children for academic success later in life. Our Toddler Program is often most children’s first experience of life outside of the family.
Our loving and joyful environment focuses on helping to encourage and facilitate skills of functional independence, language development, self expression, socialization and sensory exploration. 
At Princeton Preparatory Schools, we understand the importance of social-emotional development and pre-academic learning required for an optimized early childhood education. Our unique toddler Montessori program is designed to meet the developmental needs of young children between the ages of 18 months and 2.5 years to 3 years and prepare them for the path ahead.

The toddler classroom is a place where we “follow the child,” and support our youngest children in cultivating a healthy sense of confidence and self regulation.


Picture a room filled with children each engaged in active learning, independently or in collaboration with others. A small group is composing music with tone bells, one child is preparing apple slices for her friends, and yet another is absolutely consumed by geometric solids. The bright and friendly classroom is alive with focused activity while a highly skilled teacher wanders throughout, gently guiding students when needed. The mood is peaceful, not chaotic. Lively, not disruptive. Learning is self-directed, not forced.
Welcome to a Montessori Primary classroom at Princeton Preparatory Schools! These bright and friendly, mixed age environments are lively and upbeat, buzzing with active and engaged 2.5 to 6 year old learners. With a carefully sequenced and mastery-based curriculum, children are taken through a sensorial learning experience that helps set a solid foundational core in subjects like Reading, Writing, and Math. Their imaginations and innate curiosity are fueled through deeply engaging curriculum in the areas of Science, History, Geography, Art, Music, and Spanish. Lessons are given individually or in small groups, carefully targeted and tailored to the strengths and needs of each child, enabling them to reach their full potential while remaining deeply connected to the learning process.
Our teachers are trained and certified Montessori experts who provide thoughtful guidance to each individual student, foster self-directed learning, nurture social and emotional growth, and encourage children to take a heart centered approach to all they do. 


Princeton Preparatory School’s Montessori Elementary Program supports children from 6 through 9 years of age, when a child’s curiosity is exponential. As educators, our role is to foster that exponential curiosity and channel it towards key subjects and impactful learning experiences. It is crucial that a child’s creativity and inquisitiveness is respected and encouraged during this time. Our elementary program emphasizes critical thinking skills, collaborative learning, innovation and creative exploration. Princeton students love to learn, socialize, explore, research, plan and execute projects, and engage with community and the wider world around us in meaningful ways and with purpose.

The Lower Elementary Program provides the 6-9 year-old child limitless opportunities to apply their great powers of imagination and capacity for hard work. The deeper concentration, increased attention span, good organizational skills and self-direction that are often a result of the Montessori Early Childhood classroom allow these children to take on some rather complex projects. At age 9, the child is physically, socially, emotionally and intellectually ready to move to a school that will promote greater independence.

Our signature approach to elementary schooling also encompasses programing elements that include Christian Education, Entrepreneurship, Intrinsic Motivation, and Character Education.


Summer School

2 Years - 9 Years

We are thrilled to offer an exciting, fun, and impactful summer camp experience where children build confidence, revel in discovery, learn new skills and make great friends while reaping the benefits of the relaxed atmosphere of Camp Princeton!
Each Camp Princeton summer session offers campers a variety of exciting activities to choose from – sports, visual and performing arts, nature study, cooking, gardening, music, collaborative games and plenty of outdoor adventuring! Each day, a bit of time will be devoted to academic enrichment – in a fun and engaging program designed to meet each child’s individual needs.
Camp Princeton is a traditional summer camp with a Montessori twist. Our camps are open to all children from the Nairobi area. Our experienced team of energetic and fun-loving camp leaders can’t wait to take your child on a summer adventure!
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