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Community at Princeton

Princeton Preparatory Schools, above all, is about creating a strong and engaged community of belonging. We work to ensure that students, parents and families feel very much a part of life at our school. We do this by coordinating events throughout the year that bring us all together.
  • Our fun social events are always highly anticipated and help to nurture and deepen relationships between families, teachers, and staff
  • Our families also enjoy seasonal events like our fall festival, Thanksgiving potluck, spring picnic, and family movie nights, among many others…
  • We also make time for adults to connect throughout the year with special events like art shows, get together nights, and coffee mornings.
  • Princeton Preparatory Schools is committed to embracing learning as an ongoing and lifelong practice. We encourage parents and families to embrace this mindset too, and support them in that journey by organizing teaching and learning based events and activities. These include guest speakers, workshops and curriculum sharing sessions which nurture shared values and help us all to grow and evolve.
  • Parent teacher communication is a priority for us here at Princeton Preparatory Schools. We regard parents as partners in their child’s education who ought to be connected to what’s happening at all times. We make every effort to include them by practicing regular one-on-one communication, monthly newsletters, classroom reports, social media updates, and knowledge sharing nights.
Sowing seeds of knowledge to our preciou

Parents Co-op

Volunteer Opportunities

Every year our parents participate in our co-op by volunteering for a minimum of 10 hours per semester. 

The significance of parents volunteering with their children is incredible. From spending time together to enjoying giving back together, parents and children can join together for volunteerism that is fun, validating and long lasting.

  • Mainteinance

  • Photographer

  • Family Events

  • Gardening Coordinator

  • Farmers Market Chaperone

  • Elementary Retreat Logistics Coordinator

Give Back


People do wonderful things when they believe in a cause. Princeton Preparatory School's Fund for Children works hard to try to inspire you to give whatever you can to what we believe is a worthy cause.


Each school year, we will award 5 scholarships to deserving families.

Princeton Preparatory School's Fund for Children considers applications made by families who cannot afford to give their children a Montessori education. At present scholarship students represent 70% of The Fund’s allocated resources and we hope to raise this percentage in the future.

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